TCN Newsletter Issue 10: New Years Edition!


Intentional Gatherings Guild Article:

Cosmic Convergence Festival’s Positive Trace on Lake Atitlan

by David Casey


10710441_512006978941928_5654618049036398020_oThree years ago a group of friends and I started the Cosmic Convergence Festival in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with the intention of bringing people together from modern & traditional cultures to learn from each other, and celebrate our diverse ways of life in a manner that supports and revitalizes the local indigenous communities of this special place.

This event has grown immensely since its founding in 2012, leaving a lasting social impact in the form of direct financial, human and material resources to local projects.  Some of our largest successes include the delivery of support to a community nutrition center, a school, and a womens’ cooperative.  This success and social impact is a direct result of the efforts and contributions of numerous peoples both locally and around the globe.  This year in 2015, we aim to expand the festival gathering to reach 800 people as well as support these new community projects, and continue to show that a conscious meeting of modern and traditional cultures can create healthier and more regenerative communities. This year we are achieving things I’ve never dreamed of, including partnering with a hundreds-of-years old traditional Mayan kite festival to support our decoration efforts: . As well as a 5000-person indigenous women’s association consisting of 11 diverse artisan cooperatives.

I am looking for inspiration, ideas, collaboration and support in spreading this campaign where it needs to go to realize the dream and spread the seeds of the collective vision. We have seven days left in our campaign.

This is our campaign link:

Many blessings and love to all of you, and I look forward to our next reunion!



Article Written by David Casey

Founder & Creative Director, Cosmic Convergence Festival

Founder & Network Architect, Project Nuevo Mundo