The Sacred Garden of Edenhope

Tasmate, Santo, Vanuatu


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Languages Spoken at this Impact Center:

English, French, German, Spanish

General Info

We are in a remote part of a large remote island in the Vanuatu archipelago in the western South Pacific. On 19 December 2011, the “EdenHope Nature Preserve” was ‘Officially’ registered as a Conservation Area under the Constitution of Vanuatu …with the explicit purpose of protecting ALL life within its designated 1,942 acres […including Man who was to be established within it…!] The ‘village’ is in the gentler, lower reaches of the land, on terraces overlooking the rock-filled river. There are now five bungalows, two bush cabins, a CommUnity center, an admin/dispensary/storage building, a pavilion for meditation and classes …and of course gardens where fruit and nut trees are now maturing …in a riot of permaculture.

Volunteer / Internship Opportunities & Educational Opportunities

This is an opportunity to first come as visitor …it could take time to be a ‘member’ …as this is an invitation to participate in an evolutional leap into a new world… only for those who are ready for this ultimate choice This process is a workshop for the purpose of CommUnion …to share the mutual vision of applying one’s transcendental foresight in the process of birthing a new world [fifth-dimensional] and disposing of the old para’dime’… we are in permanent session [NOW].

Community Open to New Residents

To be considered: one must know who one is… why one is here… where one is going…  and finally: …what personally unique retrieval from your singular life-journey you are bring to this collective.

Visitors [only by invitation] who wish to evaluate the possibility of joining EdenHope may be received as guests for a limited period …simply by applying and entering into discourse with us. Prospective members who are invited will participate in the Life of EdenHope …until such time as permanent membership is offered to them …or leave. This process could take many months – but it’s eternity we are facing.