TCN Newsletter Issue 5: August 2014


Featured Emerging Leader:

Emergence Earth

Emergence Earth: 

A Global Network Activating Communities

Emergence Earth is an Asheville-based global network activating communities and getting things done. If you visit their website, you are presented with opportunities to join their social network, post a conscious professional profile, and read up on fresh news and upcoming happenings in the Emergence network. Upon visiting, I was instantly captivated to create a social network profile by filling out a bio and answering questions like “What is your dream project?” and “What does “conscious mean to you?”. Emergence Earth is definitely not your average social network, which is refreshing. This conscious news source and networking tool is helping people with a vision to do more than just dream about it.

Scott Love has been activating conscious communities and forging the template for this network for most of his life. With a current global reach of about 22,000 associated members and 40 ambassador programs all over the world, Emergence Earth has come a long way from its days as a Detroit ‘zine and a series of 200-300 person events 10 years ago. Now Emergence Earth is a for-profit business that uses conscious enterprise to keep the members of its community pumping out tangible products of their intention. One purpose for these activated communities all over the globe is that together the community members can address the challenges and issues they face collectively by sharing templates for success.

Utilizing Open Source Project Management is how the network uses appropriate technology to expand in a safe and conscientious way.  For example, when Emergence: Chicago wants to put on a festival, they can use this network to pick the brains of other Emergence ambassadors who’ve had successful events and have a working template. That way, when it comes to putting all the pieces of the gathering together, things can run more smoothly and more focus can be put on the details, the parts of a festival that makes the real magic happen as opposed to hitting obstacles that other Emergence communities have already overcome.

When not busy architecturally designing their network, the folks at Emergence Earth curate Three Days of Light Festival, which is putting the aforementioned festival template to use in its third installment this October near Asheville, North Carolina. Based on the 11.11.11 gathering that Scott envisioned into reality in Sedona, Arizona three years ago, Three Days of Light is a three dimensional demo for Emergence community members to showcase their offerings and to be their highest self for a weekend in a safe container of open minds.


3DL image 2While artists like The Human Experience, Living Light, Srikology, and Dixon’s Violin are headlining the music schedule at 3DL 2014: A Return to Innocence, the workshops are where the focus is placed in this convergence. Like a weekend at a new earth university, participants will be taking classes on everything from folk medicine to conscious parenting, from permaculture to kundalini yoga, and from sonic ascension to 3DLbeekeeping. The educational empowerment of 3DL puts Emergence Earth right in the middle of the “Growth Edges of Transformational Culture” conversation that more and more conscious event producers are addressing so as to maximize the ripples we’re collectively experiencing each day.

What’s really next level is a vision Scott explained to me for a 5 day dream project manifestation workshop retreat. The workshop’s attendants would be composed of visionary entrepreneurs whose dream projects need guidance, direction, structure, and someone to make them a tangible, physical reality. The Emergence Earth team would take your idea, help you write your business proposal, write a grant, file for non profit or B corporation status, develop a marketing campaign, find a team, build a website and logo, find a store front, and actually do the work needed for your dream project to become a reality. On day five each participant drops their applications and forms in the mail and then the group celebrates the actualization of their dreams put into action. This is the workshop I didn’t know I needed until I heard it described.  Stay tuned for more exciting unfoldings in the Emergence Earth social network and Three Days of Light Festival this fall.


Featured Emergent Leader

Scott Love / Emergence Earth
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Emergence Earth





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