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Unstoppable Joy

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Marya Stark’s Answer to: How do Songs Come to BE?



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You leave this road behind you
far enough that no one catches your trail
the only thing I have to find you
is a telegram you dropped off in the mailIt reads:
“She’s the only one
the only one I’ve ever loved
the one I left back at the crossroads
keeper of many keys
she is the midnight queen
How I loved her so
she holds my heart in spades”Your dark enchanting mistress
sees the smoke and she feels the fires burn
and the spark of her holocaust
lights the very rainbow trail for which you yearn…
She’s the only one
the only one you’ve ever loved
the one you left back at the crossroads
keeper of many keys
she is the midnight queen
How you loved her so
she holds your heart in spades
She is called by many names
Hecate, Oh Persephone, Innana, Ishtar,
and Scarlet Moon
well go ahead!
call her many names!
maybe I’ll appear before you too
You leave this road behind you
as you make your way to find your holy grail
Scarlet! Scarlet! Scarlet!
If she’s the only one
the only one you ever loved
why’d you leave her at the crossroads
singing songs for stars
dividing earthly skies
shooting prose in arrows
from bows of promises you made
If I’m the only one,
the only one you’ve ever loved
why’d you leave me at the crossroads
tending karmic seeds
in the garden of your prophecies
while licking honey off the edges
of razor blades
Scarlet! Scarlet! Scarlet!

Crossroads Press Release

‘Crossroads’, a single from Marya Stark’s award-winning album The Garden, is being re-released through GYPSYPOP RECORDS with a breathtaking new music video, artfully directed by Cohen. The video premier of ‘Crossroads’ announces Marya’s first major leap into visual expression, telling a captivating story of magic, love through many lifetimes, and ceremonial healing of the past. It features Marya and her collaborator Travis Puntarelli (of their side project, ‘ Stark Levity’), as well as an incredible team of visual artists, and weaves the story of two lovers across time. Exquisite cinematography and gripping performances match the music’s cinematic power, achieving an experience that is beautiful and deeply moving.
‘Crossroads’ is the song that first brought Marya into the studio with Andy Zenczak, ultimately leading these two to record her debut album, The Garden (“Album Of The Year”- I Am Entertainment Magazine). When Andy heard ‘Crossroads’ as an acoustic demo, he invited Marya to Gadgetbox Recording Studios to experiment with arrangements and expand upon the richness of the song. They teamed up with Grammy Award-Winner Barry Phillips – cello & stuff to co-arrange strings for the track. It then flowered into the cinematic beat-driven composition that Marya describes as her most compelling and personal song on the record.

~~~~~ Marya Stark ~~~~~~

In the space between art and persona, there is magic. Artists who work their craft for decades may find it on occasion. Marya Stark lives there. Drawing from influences as diverse as Baroque, Classical, Broadway, traditional storytelling, dream pop and folk, Marya Stark crafts a sound that is wholly original. She creates the way she breathes, without choice or hesitation. She hears the rhythms of the world around her. She sees the notes in sunlight and she hears the time signatures in passing moments. The collisions and collusions of personal relationships are like the movements of a symphony for her, and whatever she hears might inspire Marya to song.

Living in Santa Cruz, California, Marya plays as a music therapist, developing educational and therapeutic curriculum for children and adults, weaving a bridge between her passions for the healing and performing arts. Her forthcoming videos, albums, and community platforms embrace her love and passion for the power of music to heal and create positive holistic change in the world. With the release of her ‘Crossroads’ music video, she takes another step in the direction of archetypal performance art as a vehicle for transformation.


Live Performance of Crossroads:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6Ly8LDWY3k
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.22.26 PM
Press:“The Garden really does feel like the place for everything. The album just doesn’t sit still, and each song has moments where you sit back and think ‘wow.’ Marya Stark’s album genuinely impresses and impales your heart. Mesmerizing from start to end. I want everyone to hear her.”- Higher Plain Music

“Marya Stark’s voice feels as if she were reaching her hands out toward you as if to say, ‘Come, I’ll show you things you have never seen. I’ll take care of you on the journey.’ If we were to look at the lines that map Marya’s palms, we would definitely see an old soul. That voice. It is as pure as a newborn’s breath and yet it sounds like history – the cries of joy, the whispers of intimacy and the whimpers of sadness of a thousand lifetimes.” –Ignite Magazine

“With her extraordinary skill set, she is the whole package. Her arrangements reveal the classical roots which support her stunning originality, establishing her as a major presence emerging on the music scene, and one that is definitely here to stay. Three thumbs up! “ – Penny Slinger – GoddessChannel

“Marya is a ‘tour de force.’ The world that she lives in is a pure breakthrough, not only for the writer, but for the very possibilities of songwriting. She is both real and an addiction.” – John Shelton Ivany, jsitop21.com

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