O.U.R. Ecovillage

Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, CANADA




Languages Spoken at this Impact Center:

English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Farsi


We’re hiring!  Our Ecovillage needs a new General Manager to come on board and lead our amazing team. Please review details, and do please TAG or SHARE this with anyone who should be applying! Applications are open until May20 – and we look forward to meeting & working with this new amazing person soon :)) 

Rick’s Blog Post about it: 

The Detailed Job Description: 


Blog Post about Leadership Transitioning:




OUR ECOVILLAGE has some Volunteer / Internship Opportunities available for the right person with the right skills!


1) Volunteer Program which invites folks into OUR Learning Community to help with a wide variety of sustainability programming. Being in a fully immersed learning environment means that even though you are not perhaps registered in one of OUR paying courses or Internships – you still have amazing opportunities for hands on learning and connecting with other teachers and inspiring folks.

2) Both worktrade Homesteader Program and paying Natural Building Internship programs where learners are able to deeply engage in a wide range of learning projects. With workclass teachers and guest facilitators OUR programs have had incredible feedback since 2002.


OUR ECOVILLAGE can host your events:

OUR E/V is a 25 acre Regenerative Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre. New in 2014 is the use of OUR Zero Mile Meal Eatery which has indoor seating for 150+ folks. This becomes the centre piece for the events which can host 100’s of people, a Community Classroom at 2000sq ft, dorm space for 50+, OUR Farmhouse B&B, Healing Sanctuary…all with a great bunch of hand sculpted earthen/cob/strawbale buildings, composting toilets, and alternative systems. This mini eco-conference opportunity can be crafted to fit any needs of the organization or event.


OUR ECOVILLAGE has educational opportunities available!

OUR ECOVILLAGE hosts educational tours and self-guided tours. There is also a wide variety of short courses and constant educational events. Large numbers of folks participate in education with onsite and international teachers in OUR Learning Community which offers sustainable living integration programs for k-12 programs and 11 different Universities and Colleges. Overall OUR project manages about 10K folks per year in various educational programs and service learning.


OUR ECOVILLAGE is open to accepting new members!

OUR ECOVILLAGE is in the midst of changing ownership from being held in trust to having a ‘multistakeholder hybrid Non-Profit Coop’ be the new title holder of OUR lands, projects and social enterprises. With this OUR Coop has a residents Class of shareholder which is titled “HearthKeeper”. OUR team is accepting applications for this ongoingly.