Tribal Council Collective

South Carolina, USA

Tribal Council is a collective of passionate beings who gather regularly to co-create intentional spaces and facilitate integrative conscious experiences through sacred celebration. We seek to reintegrate the ancient ways into the modern age by regrowing tribal culture and village communities.

In the realm of live music, Tribal Council is an intentional production collective pioneering the mission to bring transformational experiences to the music scene and into everyday life. At our core we are life enthusiasts, a group comprised of artists, musicians, producers, yoga teachers, healers, gardeners and much more. We host intentional retreats and outdoor gatherings, offer workshop areas, healing temples and chill out lounges at music and arts festivals around the country, and produce regular conscious community events.

Tribal Council realizes that a major growth edge of festival culture is figuring out how to ground our celebratory culture into real models of tribal living and seeding land-based eco-communities.  Understanding that permaculture is the key to making festival culture ecological, socially, and economically sustainable, Tribal Council is currently focusing on creating replicable, regenerative business models for shifting temporary villages (festivals and gatherings) into permanent land based villages that incorporate elements of eco-education centers and event spaces.





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