Windward Education and Research Center & Community

Wahkiacus, Washington, USA


Languages Spoken at this Impact Center: English


Volunteer / Internship & Educational Opportunities available:

At Windward we’re weaving together practical, human-scale systems as we study how to sustainably feed, clothe and fuel a rural village on a hundred acres or marginal land. We’re working out the arts and crafts needed to create a post-consumer, sustainable village because now is the time for radical change–and what could be more radical than creating a working model of a better way. This is an opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship focused on cooperative consensus-based community, ecological food production, renewable energy, and–if it’s a good fit–to build that into a sustainable home and a right-livelihood.
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In addition to a 3-month experience, a Windward Apprenticeship is also a two-way audition; a time for existing and prospective members to explore living in community together with an eye toward long-term membership.

If, as an apprentice, you find that this life is one that you want to pursue in earnest, and Windward Stewards agree it is a good match, you can proceed directly onto the path of stakeholding membership in the cooperative, building right-livelihood with the land and the community.


Event Hosting Opportunities:

Windward has a 40 acre campground and facilities to host events upwards of 300 people. contact us for more information @



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The Windward Family


Windward is open to the possibility of new Membership:

We come together with the recognition that happiness is not something we stumble upon, but rather something we create, and that in hard times the best thing to hold on to is each other.

Windward is a small community, and does not intend to grow into a large one. However, we are looking for several more brave hearts and wild souls who want to join us in the adventure.

If you think that you might have the heart for this sort of adventure, you’re invited to make contact and tell us something about yourself, your life journey and what it is about Windward that engages your interests.