TCN Newsletter Issue 9: December 2014


Featured Emerging Leader:

Christopher “Xopher” Pollard &

UMeOS: You Me OS


XopherXopher “Christopher” D. Pollard has spent the last 8 years of his life (since Oct’06) building a revolutionary web tool and virtual universe called UMeOS, a You Me O.S.(Operating System). This innovative web platform is your one tab for traveling through the universe of the web. It is a professional, conscious, respectful, and relevant social media platform that doesn’t exploit your personal information. It is a task management system, calendar, and marketplace, all from within one web browser, and much more as well. I caught up with Xopher to ask a few questions people might have when exploring the magic of UMeOS. Did I mention that within UMeOS you are a star, your 3D Universe is the format of your social network, and your connections move closer to you in your galaxy based on the frequency of your interactions with them? There is a wild new ride coming to the internet.

 Click here for a short description of UMeOS: What IS UMeOS?

TP:  Thanks for your time, Xopher, how has life in your Youniverse been?

XP:  It’s been a wonderfully rough ride with lots of extremes in all directions. I’ve been coding since ‘97. When I was 14 my father died of cancer at 38. When I was 20 I fell into a coma, and found I had Type 1 diabetes. I’m now in my 2nd marriage and just this last August I delivered my daughter Gaia, my 3rd child, at home – unassisted – all natural and on her due date of all dates!


TP:  Wow! That’s quite a feat. Let’s talk about UMeOS. What phase of launch is it in?

XP:  I’ve been calling it “Omega”, but most people won’t get why. To me, we’re at the point where the only way to move forward is to get people to start playing and hacking with their own ideas of how their universe works. If I went ahead alone, then you’d all be pretty much just browsing MY YOUniverse all the time. I feel we are in the Omega phase because it is the end of working on it alone, and now it is time for us to come together. I’m not just handing a functional product for beta testers to try out. I am offering a product that is designed to be interoperable with everything and asking the public to bring their amazing ideas to the table to hone the final touches of this collaboratively constructed virtual environment.

I am launching a KickStarter to fund the initial stages to bring a first level product ready for public consumption. I want the best minds around the globe to contribute their ideas and inputs so that it really is for and by us all.  Bringing both the needs and genius of all of us into the very design. UMeOS is a ground-breaking visualisation of data but it is powered by something even more potent. I’ve spent many years in the laboratory working on cracking the formula to the fifth dimension of our internet. To some, it may better be understood as the gravity formula. I’ve been calling it Superdom.


TP:  How does UMeOS use Superdom?

XP:  UMeOS acts as a frontend interface for the data that Superdom digests. Any programmer can write a class for a pre-existing API system into Superdom. UMeOS uses the sets of formulas within its system to render it into the observable browseable universe it is.


TP:  To someone who has no concept of web development, how might you explain Superdom?

XP:  Superdom began as the initial engine for UMeOS. I set out to code an engine that would digest all sorts of API’s that are the Internet, or rather “built into the cloud”. It became a project where I would recycle and refine code that I used for other projects into a functioning interoperable, modular, plugin platform.

UMeOS renders information on a 4D platform. Instead of scrolling through flat 2 dimensional pages as we are used to –  the data can all be expressed in 3 dimensional format (4D really, since we include time/events as one of the variables). This allows you to dive into star fields to explore someone’s profile in the same way that we dive into a Google Map and get to see more and more detail the more we zoom in. SuperDom is the engine that manages the drives of that data. Such as, where it is stored, how it is read, and what is queried.

UMEOS galaxy

TP:  How can people switch over from other social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter? How are they similar and what does Umeos offer that these networks do not?

XP:  Think of UMeOS as a big telephone operator’s board. We’re not asking people to ‘SWITCH’, were giving them the option to plug their networks into a grand system they control. Giving them all the power over their presence on the Internet. If you want to download your Facebook data, deactivate your account and import it to UMeOS, so be it. However, you could also utilize that Facebook account. Any network provides even more open channels of communication to magnetize information.

Superdom’s Nexus, at the core of this system, will naturally seek to find matches for you, for your personal endeavors, projects and goals, based on certain questions you answer in your profile. It will suggest introductions to people who have the missing piece for your success.

The more channels you have open and connected to it – the farther its reach and effectiveness in finding you the answers you seek. Therefore – there is no need to CHOOSE between networks if you are happy with the ones you have. You can still have them all and connect them to the UMeOS environment to enjoy the additional functionality UMeOS provides – like viewing all your Facebook Contacts as a star-field sprawling out around you that you can virtually swim through and see the depth & frequency of your interactions by how bright they are in YOUR stellar sky.


TP:  How can businesses use UMeOS as a tool for their website and marketplace?

XP:  Superdom has many applications that help calm the stresses of managing a website and marketplace.I’ve programmed simple e-commerce and analytical applications that plugin straight into Superdom. It gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to build and manage their online presence while connecting them seamlessly to their audience, giving customers a joyful experience that boosts satisfaction by presentation alone. I’ve aimed for business owners to be able sit down at their desks and easily visualize their universal influence. It gives them the vantage point of being able to see which customers are visiting often and who could use a pick-me-up, and that’s just ONE Point of View. I don’t want to give too many of our “business” strategies away, but I will say the feedback I’ve been getting is phenomenal. Our Membership that allows them to view the pool of Universes of other companies’ insightful data – voluntarily provided to a shared resource space for this purpose – has been considered a very “priceless” subscription.   “A wise investment rewarding a wealth of information.”


TP:  I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the interactivity of different networks which could work together to form a larger meta-network. Can websites share resources on the backend if they choose to in UMeOS?

XP:  You bet! We need a way to share resources throughout the net without centralizing in one entity or server. “Knowledge is the new Currency” and those that are willing to connect their skills, products, services, or presence to the global market need a system that manages all the convoluted and moving parts.


TP:  Have you met anyone else who is doing something similar to UMEOS?

XP:  I’m meeting you! And through which Betsy connected us – or Kinnexus – as we like to say! As we are not just making anonymous friend lists – we are building a KIN- NEXUS, or nexus of kin, helping people to make real connections in their lives and in their work.

Regarding others out there:  mostly the journey has been to keep silent and speak only to those that “see” IT, and “grok” IT. The “IT”, being the pattern of how our YOUniverses Operate naturally. Because we’re all a part of that operation, everyone is “doing something similar” – Uniquely. By designing around these natural patterns and allowing for our very uniqueness to be expressed and highlighted while creating structures with these innate underlaying natural patterns in mind – we create a measure of freedom and versatility so far yet unseen in the virtual realms.

We’ve been connecting with many other networks, organizations, businesses, communities, and think tanks who also see these underlying patterns and share an interest in a Rosetta Stone of interoperability.  They are adding their piece to the puzzle that connects the bigger picture of our information superhighway, making it more accessible, usable, and navigable.

Take a look at all the old sci-fi movies, and stare out at the stars at Night. All Ideas are merging into a universal one-mind we call the Internet. UMeOS is a visual representation of our universe as seen from the back of the users mind. I want to tie it all together. I think we all do. It’s Now Time to meet everyone who sees IT.


TP:  How would UMeOS work together with other cutting edge projects & data mapping visualizations like Noomap and Nodesphere?

XP:  The platform itself is Simple and Clean. UMeOS is shaped to easily plug and play with EVERYONE. The idea of UMeOS is to add a dimensional layer where you can visually access your data in a whole new way that saves a lot of time. I imagine other projects envisioning ways to use this platform as a foundation that is able to work as one option (potentially of many) as a NEW visual expression of their youniverse of data, while also networking their applications into the grand scale of UMeOS’ reach to take advantage of the gravitational pull of data matching… I foresee every person and every entity finding a way in which they could use UMeOS to display their own data, find matches for their needs, and also build new tools that work WITH UMeOS to accomplish tasks stye need done that might not have been possible without it. I look forward to lots of collaboration with all kinds of inspired entrepreneurs and think tanks and developers to see what we can build together on this idea.

We’ve been connecting with people to ensure the deployment of this idea. But we need more concentrated face time with one another if we hope to evolve all of our projects together. Help us reach our goal to stretch around the world! I invite YOU to join the campaign!


TP:What are the first steps that readers can take toward activating UMeOS on a global scale to complete the internet revolution?

XP: That’s easy!

  • Get Involved!: We’re unlocking a limited number of UMeOS youniverse accounts to begin hacking the future…
  • Become a part of Beta!: Make a pledge to our Kickstarter Crowdfund be among the FIRST IN THE WORLD to unlock your own YOUniverse.
  • Share it with friends!: Your YOUniverse would be pretty lonesome otherwise. Of course you can have a lonely universe… no one is saying you can’t. Calm down. Don’t Panic.  🙂 
  • Become a Fan or Sponsor!:  We’re offering many rewards for anyone who wants to support our movement. And for those aligned supporters that would really like to see the success of UMeOS tied to their company: you are welcome to pledge as a sponsor during our Kickstarter Campaign. We really appreciate the support and would love to display your banners next to ours as we migrate across the Globe.


TP:  Thanks so much for telling us more about UMeOS! 

XP:  Absolutely! We’re hitch-hacking the galaxy inside our heads and opening up the internet to all new ways of travel! How far can we imagine? Grab your towels, hitch-hackers! Let’s go for a ride!



Taylor HeadshotArticle Written / Interview Performed by

Taylor Proffitt

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