This Feature provides a listing of Land-Based Intentional Communities, Impact Centers, Eco-Villages, or Educational Centers that we are aware of which provide some of the opportunities listed below. Their appearance in this list does not denote any guarantee of their safety or services by TCN. We mention them here because they are either run by someone in the community or have been suggested by someone in the community who felt they were an asset to be shared. Any interaction with them is strictly at your own risk, but we encourage you to explore these opportunities. This has been a temporary solution as we move towards accessing a more robust website which will provide a much more functional service of this kind.



We will continue to add Community Corner entries as we move forward when people request to be added – but our more robust solution has arrived! Check out our ally and KIN-nected website for a more extensive listing of Impact Centers around the world!


Are you actively involved with a land-based intentional community or impact center with experience in how to make these things work – or in need of mentorship as you are building? Click below and share resources, experience, templates, problems, solutions, camaraderie, & extended community!



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Unrelated to TCN, here is another potential source of Intentional Communities that may serve your needs: