Find Your Like Minded Community!


Tribal Convergence Network is a community of visionary activists, social architects, artists, innovators, systems design thinkers, and community organizers who are co-aligned in our desire to build a sustainable and flourishing community model. We are ambassadors of an emergent collaborative social experiment. We participate in community at a variety of levels from local to regional to national to global. We try to provide an environment which encourages and empowers the emergence of local leadership, and acknowledge that all of us came from somewhere and found our way home. We currently have strong communities, both of action and of support, in a number of locations in the US and abroad. Our communities are bound by a commonly held alignment with our general agreement fields (core values, and kin code) by which we aspire to live in ways which are respectful to all and which allow us to stay in integrity with ourselves, each other, and the earth. We utilize the resources of web technology to help with planning, informing and staying in contact, but stay strong in our encouragement that it is most important to get out into the community and connect in person. If you are seeking a community that feels like home, and feel you are in alignment, feel free to explore some of the community links below as you may find that home is closer than you think.