TCN Leadership

Our organizational model is built upon a council which operates with holographic governance, where our leadership is based upon collaborative engagement with a top-down and bottom-up informative approach to decision making.  Each core function of our organization is held by one or more council members who are both sovereign and co-creative in their leadership. We weave into the center to share collective intelligence and offer our gifts out to the collective through our services and projects.

Current TCN Core Admin Council


Aokha (Betsy Cacchione)

Communications & Social Tech, Network Weaving/Alliances

Jamaica “Jai Ma” Stevens

Network Weaving/ Alliance Partnerships, Event Production

Raquel Hugo

Community Engagement & Spirit Relations




We have been undergoing an incubationary period throughout this past year to allow our newest structural form to emerge. An Interim Guiding Council met regularly throughout the Winter and Spring to keep us focused on Next Steps for implementation of a variety of Offerings & Trainings which will help us to become both a sustainable and generative resource for our community. The Interim Council ran its course, and then disbanded in early Summer 2014. Some of these community members have chosen to stay on in an advisory capacity while others have moved on to other aspirations, or are currently choosing how they wish to engage next. We have tremendous gratitude for all of their efforts throughout this season of transformation.


Interim Guiding & Advisory Council



We have a variety of other layers of Leadership forming, including an Elder Advisory Council and the various Project Teams and Leaders for each of the Projects we are engaged in. Click HERE to see more about OUR EVOLVING STRUCTURE.

We have been blessed to have received amazing devotion and dedicated service throughout the years since our inception from many superheroes in our community who have offered countless hours and words of wisdom to the collective embodiment of this vision. Some of them are still working tirelessly within the ranks here below, and some of them have since turned their attention towards other equally vibrant and interdependent aspects of the weave, though still deeply involved in this community. We want to honor their significant contributions and offer them our deepest heartfelt gratitude for all they have done in their time working with this team. We look forward to all the ways we may continue to weave in the future! Click HERE to see our Wall of Gratitude!