Regional Groups

For those of you who are familiar with the TCN and Awaken community, below are links to the regional groups currently available for continuing the conversations, getting to know the community, and deepening the connections we all sparked at Awaken and other TC events!  Here are the places where our tribe interact.  If you feel this could be your family, your people, your like minded team of action…. join in the conversation.  Get to know some of the folks in your region and learn more about the core values of TCN and the kin code we have agreed to use as guidance in our efforts to play well together.  Attend community potlucks and workshops and play dates!  This is not intended to be a virtual experience.  Let’s use the technology to build our community bonds and our knowledge base.

These groups are great ways to stay organized and galvanized around important questions, projects, and topics and to schedule in-person community potlucks and other local mini-events or gatherings to keep the community bonds solid and growing! If you are wanting to step into leadership in your region please connect with the admins of the existing groups and get involved. We still need to flesh out solid leadership teams in all areas!

If you are interested in attending a Tribal Convergence Gathering (or Seed Gathering) as part of a Regional Delegation, join the regional group that feels most appropriate and ask questions there of your fellow community members for how to proceed!

TCN Regional Activity

BC Tribe    (Vancouver / Victoria, Kootenays, etc) 

Salish Sea Tribe  (Seattle / Puget Sound, etc)

Portlandia Tribe

Jefferson State Tribe (Ashlandia / Williams / Shasta / Deer Mountain) 

Bay Area / Norcal Tribe  (Santa Cruz / Bay Area / NorCal / Sebastopol / Mendo) 

High Sierra Tribe (Nevada City / Grass Valley / Tahoe)  

Santa Barbara Tribe (Lucidity, etc) 

Ojai Tribe 

LA Tribe

San Diego Tribe  (EVO, etc)  

Denver / Boulder Tribe 

Texas Tribe 

Hawaii Tribe 

Nomad Tribe (the ones who go between…) 

Wild Cards  Ambassadors from New Regions! Learn how to activate your community!


If there is not an official TCN regional node already in place in your area:

please check out the below links to other related groups who have not designated themselves as official TCN hubs but who are made up of like minded tribe – some of whom have attended TCN gatherings and who carry the seeds for potential TCN activity in the future. If neither of these are listed for your area: please inform us if you know of an existing community hub or group to connect with and bring into the fold – or be empowered to form a new regional hub and let’s get the juices flowing so you have a team of support in your area to keep the vision blooming!

If there is no group listed at all for your area and you are interested in starting one:

please contact us as we have templates and mentoring available to help walk you through this process. Also, please inform us of any other community Facebook groups you know of that are the same basic family and same basic values in an area we may not be aware of yet – so that we can start making in-roads of communication. Our goal is to help everyone feel at home wherever they are and feel supported and nurtured by like-minded community.


Related Like Minded Regional Tribe

BC Regional Tribe

Denver/Boulder Regional Tribe

New York Regional Tribe

San Diego Regional Tribe

Tucson Regional Tribe

Athens, OHIO Regional Tribe (Group) , PAGE

West Coast Transformational Festival & Intentional Community Network