TCN Core Values


At the ROOT of our family are VALUES that align us in all that we do and who we are. As we contribute our piece to the collective puzzle, we align with other organizations, festivals, individuals, and businesses that share these CORE ethics supporting the flourishing of the One Human Family and our Earth.


We value Interdependence and the Interrelatedness of all things.

We value Integrity, Authenticity and Transparency;

Community, Collaboration, and Clear Communication.

We value a global system of sharing resources, knowledge, information, training, and celebration.

We value a thriving world for everyone to fulfill their dreams and purposes,

in the best interest of the Interconnected Whole.

We aim for a life in balance with ourselves, our communities, and our environment,

and we value both each person’s unique contribution,

as well as each person’s sovereign responsibility for self.


This is a very brief summary of the root values we have identified and explored. Click below if you would like to read further and understand more deeply the guidelines by which we hold ourselves accountable.

Brief Core Values

Expanded Core Values


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