For All of Our Relations…

It is our deepest desire to help bring knowledge and understanding to all peoples so that the deep wounds felt by indigenous tribes may begin to be healed and so that like-minded indigenous and non-indigenous may work hand in hand to right the wrongs we see in the world. We attempt to approach this from a place of humility and reverence.

Our Prayer

Our dream is to help co-create a new reality that merges the wisdoms gleaned from all of our relations with the science and knowledge obtained by deep study, and tempered with a strong core of guardianship and integrity. We hope to participate in the weaving of a new way that keeps in mind the consequences for all the generations to come, both human, animal, and for the earth itself.

At the core of Tribal Convergence Network, we are deeply dedicated to learning more about and building relations with many indigenous communities and trying to act as a bridge to help others throughout our communities to begin to feel empathy, sympathy and compassion for the original peoples of the lands we inhabit.


our gift

Our Gift


Empathy for their similarities, as we are all one human family. Sympathy for their many losses at the hands of modern Western Culture. And a growing passion and respect for the rich cultural tapestry of wisdoms and practices that so many have carried through history and guarded with care.

In this space we hope to curate useful links to learn more about different indigenous communities, important projects, ways to learn, and ways to help. If you know of an indigenous project/connection that should be listed here please contact us with that information!




Please click on the links below to help us rebuild the bridge between all our relations!


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