What is Tribal Convergence Network?

Tribal Convergence Network (TCN) is a synergistic web of social architects aligning with conscious individuals and organizations. We develop sustainable and generative whole systems design templates to cultivate harmonious alliances and collaborative interdependent communities. We envision a globally accessible system of education, resources and tribal technologies which bring people and organizations together into a network of trust for the sake of a thriving, symbiotic, sustainable, and continuous cultural evolution. We are no longer fragmented in our efforts to create change in the world we live in. When we feel that we are part of something greater than ourselves we can activate the potency of emerging as a global community connected to the whole system. Therefore, we are building community!

We are a community of creative visionaries, social entrepreneurs, and bridge-walkers, united in our core values, and in our passion for developing templates for synergistic collaboration. We are a deep family of trust, with open minds and hearts, who aim to shift stagnant paradigms which no longer serve into co-creative sustainable systems. We are people who are Impassioned, Earth Conscious, Globally Aware, Growth Oriented, Open Minded, Trusting, Compassionate, Generous, Self-Directed Leaders & Agents of Change.

We have drawn together into this network to support and bolster each other, to nurture and inspire each other, and to create sacred space and community bonds within which to perform the service we grok the world requires of us. TCN fosters confident, self aware, and artistically expressive emergence, helping community members learn to connect in more meaningful ways. This allows us to develop communities with whom we can share our gifts and receive support. Our members are aware that many systems in our society are controlled by current structures and social agreements which which are no longer serving to a thriving life experience. We value deep connection with natural systems, the deepening of community relationships, and putting our skills to use by building something of lasting value. We are inspired by envisioning and implementing new ways of living and caring for each other and continuously evolving our perspectives on society and our agreements.

What Do We DO?

Some of the ways in which we practice our circles of self-governance:

The Way of Council

Guiding Principles of Council Circles