What is a Guild?


A Guild is a group of community members whose focus is on a particular sector of engagement in society, aligning their resources to support the vitality, impact, and success of all members of the Guild as they offer the gift of their purpose as part of a holistic community. This sector is their area of expertise or the field of their greatest passions and their choice to participate in this collective Guild interaction can elevate their own individual efforts as well as creating a synergistic elevation of the entire guild.




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Our Sources and Inspirations

The Deeper Meaning Behind the Guild Wheel Graphic




Here are the links to our current Facebook guild collaboration spaces intended for individuals to work together on mutually beneficial projects and endeavors within the community.


TCN Spirituality Guild

TCN Councilship Guild

TCN Arts Guild

TCN Media Communications Guild

TCN Wellness Guild

TCN Village Infrastructure Guild

TCN Learning Guild

TCN Conscious Enterprise Guild

TCN Relations Guild

TCN Guardianship Guild

TCN Science Guild

TCN Earth Stewardship Guild

TCN Intentional Gatherings Guild

TCN Land-Based Community Network Guild

The Function of a Guild is to:


  • Awaken and Empower Action to Co-Create our World

  • BE an Active Voice for your Passion and Purpose

  • Harness Collective Intelligence through Group Exploration

  • Share Innovative Solutions and Resources to mutually benefit all

  • Team Build with other Grassroots Leaders Representing their Region, Community, and Purpose

  • Network your Vision with other Visionary Leaders

  • Be a vital part of a Whole System designed to create interconnected collaboration and thriving communities

“Guild Model of Collaborative Leadership”


Applying the principals of theWheel of Co-Creation developed by Buckminster Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others, and the novelThe Fifth Sacred Thingby StarHawk, we explore together as a community the applied practice of co-creation and cooperation through use of the guild model for collaborative leadership.