Vision, Mission & Purpose


TCN is a community of visionary activists, social architects, and community organizers who consult, teach, produce, and promote individuals to build a sustainable and flourishing community model. We are ambassadors of an emergent collaborative social experiment.


Our dedicated mission is to discover, model and transmit the best practices for group and community interactions to empower thriving local collaborative communities and to act as a beacon, connecting and facilitating the alliances best suited to bring forth regenerative global partnerships for the betterment of all.


We specialize in helping people, businesses, and organizations to work and play well together. We facilitate and foster collaborative interactions in commercial and non-profit endeavors, product and service exchange opportunities, and community empowerment. We use conscious gatherings and experiential training programs to share practices of social resiliency. We train all ages of emerging community leaders and empower them to become TCN ambassadors. We have an array of offerings designed to inspire interdependent engagement, and to propagate the exponential returns made possible by community-sourced collaborations.



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Our Unifying Principle

 Embodiment of our Unifying Principle

Expanded Vision & Mission