The Living History of our Evolving Structure


Current TCN Organizational Structural Model

(July 2014) 

Click below for descriptions of the above graphic, our current understanding of our organizational structure and all of the varied opportunities for engagement within our TCN Structural Rings:

Core Admin Ring

Ambassadors / Guardians Ring

Collaborative Partners Ring / Media & Promotional Allies Ring

TCN Community Engagement Ring

Historical Evolutions of TCN 


Although the above describes our most current evolution of how we structure ourselves, we have been through many derivations of this organizational model. We began our journey at TCN by organizing ourselves in a structure similar to the Holographic Living Model. The Holographic Living Model (as paraphrased from the words of its founder, Amayea Rae) is an integrated holistic process which ensures that all energetic components needed (from creation to completion) for the success of any endeavor are represented and championed in a dynamic and interrelated coherency. It supports optimal performance by the individuals who act as cells in the collective body by ensuring their placement in a position where the full spectrum of their gifts can be realized, and provides an infrastructure that supports cooperation and collaboration and maximizes the benefits to both the individual participants and the whole organism. What that means in layman’s terms is: 

Let everyone do what they do best and what they love – and they will shine! 

And the whole system will benefit and thrive.

This underlying framework provides an infrastructure of layered wheels or spheres that increases mobility and scalability beyond what is possible with a pyramidal structure. Here is an early rendering of how we overlaid our specific TCN Areas of Focus onto this underlying Holographic Model.

TCN Areas of Focus 2012 pdf

Although we use the holographic model as our underlying architecture, we do not feel bound by its limitations, and are fluidly shaping our structure around our own emergence. We are courting Holocracy as our potential adopted principle of governance, to be shaped and customized to fit this new organism that is emerging, and we tend towards a Chaordic Structure in regards to our inter-relationships with affiliate groups, communities, and regional branches as we support the sovereignty, identity, and contributions of many diverse groups aligned & united in purpose by commonly held values, goals, and ideals.

CLICK HERE to see an archive of previous renditions of our evolving organizational structural models. 

Core Council and Project Leads

At the heart of this intricate web of interlocking interweaving cogs and wheels and largely independent movers, lies a structure designed for holistic integration. The primary purpose of the Core Admin Council is to act as guardians of our integrity, viability, & purpose. They function as a living nexus of integrated communication to ensure that all parts of this organism may be progressing coherently while being holistically informed of the progress of all other parts. Each council member is responsible for tracking all projects within their Area of Focus, so that each project has representation within the CORE nexus, while simultaneously participating in a number of projects tracked by other Areas of Focus so that cross pollination may occur. An effective Core Council member is a person who is comfortable tracking and weaving in many Areas of Focus at once and weaving with many team leads to maintain optimal flow of communication. Weaving in the dimensions between the Focus Areas, and often overlapping, are the Project Leads who are welcome to participate in any decision making or informative Core Council meetings that relate to their project while also holding their own Council circles with their respective project teams. An effective Team or Project Lead is a person who is less interested in weaving at the meta-integration level and more excited by direct focused action. This is a fluid and dynamic system and each of us play many different roles at different times. No one is bound to act only within the confines of their defined role, and everyone is encouraged to use all of the gifts at their disposal and engage in all facets which arouse their passions.