In any organization, group, or collaborative team it is important to identify the values shared by members in that group – that which they have in common which makes them a group as opposed to just a number of individuals standing near each other – so that the underlying field of resonance may be clear and allow for easeful forward motion and combined purpose. Those Core Values can be extremely useful in determining purpose and direction, yet can be somewhat lofty and esoteric for every day utility. We found it extremely helpful for true community coherence to create a set of tangible guidelines for how we could actually try to walk our talk by describing our agreements in a Code of Kin. This is the most current rendition of this distillation for Tribal Convergence Network. 


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TCN Kin Code

The agreements and practiced behaviors derived from our core values that we feel are important standards to strive for in our lives and in our relationships with ourselves, our communities, and our environment. How closely we hold to them is a good measure of our integrity, discipline, and commitment to our own authenticity.  These are the standards we choose to follow and by which we choose to judge ourselves.


I agree to strive for zero waste of all resources, and a life in balance with the natural world.

I agree to be present, self aware, and always listen to my heart.

I agree to love and care for myself first and foremost so that I might have something to offer.

I agree to be responsible for myself, my actions, my reactions, and my experience.

I agree to respect the desire of community members for privacy and confidentiality and to acknowledge the effect my words or actions may have on another’s life or reputation.

I agree to obtain explicit permission to share information that arose within a confidential space.

I agree to make conscious choices with thoughtful deliberation, considering the larger context and potential consequences for future generations.

I agree to relinquish the need for affirmation, and actively trust in my own inner guidance.

I agree to recognize my own sovereignty in all situations and to clearly articulate my needs and desires when they do not match the needs of the group.

I agree to be willing to recognize when I need to delegate or pass on my responsibilities.

I agree to stand up and engage in creating my reality, and to always do my best.

I agree to act with respectful discernment when I see a disharmony that should be addressed.

I agree to participate honestly and respectfully in both the giving and receiving of constructive criticism and peer review.

I will seek to follow through with my agreements and act with integrity in all things.

I agree to present myself openly and without fear as this is my greatest offering.

I agree to always be my most authentic self, and to hold space for the authenticity of others.

I agree to honor the unique and necessary contribution of each being.

I agree to always express my own voice without overpowering the voices of those around me.

I agree to take the time to establish rapport with my co-creators and take steps to re-connect with anyone with whom I feel out of harmony as soon as it may be appropriate.

I agree to relinquish ego so that I may work cohesively as part of a group of powerful leaders.

I agree to check in with my reactions, and when being triggered by past experiences I agree to communicate to those around me an acknowledgment of my experience independent of their presence.

I agree to offer at least one solution every time I present a problem.

I agree to not complain to a person who cannot do anything about my complaint and redirect others to do the same.

I agree to deal with conflict in a supported way, using mediation involving the two conflicting parties as well as at least one neutral mediator.

I agree to attempt to resolve all conflict with immediacy by bringing it directly to the person who can resolve it.

I agree to respond rather than react.

I agree to use inclusive language, and choose NOT to take offense when someone’s language appears to exclude me.

I agree to surrender my need for control.

I agree to lead by example and by empowering those around me, not diminishing them.

I agree to wait my turn, and when my turn is done to make way for and encourage the rise of new leaders.

I agree to avoid making judgments, while still exercising thoughtful discernment.

I agree to come from a sense of cooperation and caring in my interactions with others and from an understanding that our objectives are often the same even though methods for achieving them may differ.

I agree to acknowledge that we are all receivers of similar transmissions, while also honoring the unique signature of each person’s distillation.

I agree to honor intellectual property in collaborations by acknowledging the source and only reuse materials with explicit permission.

I agree to honor diversity and to attempt to act as a bridge for universal understanding.

I agree to a commitment to enduring growth.

I agree to expect high standards of myself and others, but be forgiving if they are not met.

I agree to be impeccable with my words, & to not make assumptions or take things personally.

I agree to make clear agreements with continuous updates, as life is always changing.

I agree to balance the sacred and the humorous, as awe is what inspires us to greatness, but laughter can be the most powerful ally and the greatest medicine.

I agree to engage vulnerability every day. To stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone by doing something fearful, something frivolous, something bizarre.

I agree to actively practice generosity, gratitude, consideration, compassion, and forgiveness.

I agree to a commitment to transparency, accountability, and clear documentation in business.

I agree to live with intention, but with detachment from the outcome.

I agree to choose and re-choose to participate in this community.

I agree to request de-escalation, even if I started it.

I agree to consider before speaking – is it true? is it necessary? Is it kind? Is it helpful?

I agree to honor all of these agreements and take them seriously.

I aspire to do so with an attitude of lightheartedness.

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Please understand that this is a “Living Document” in an evolving process and by no means to be considered a finished or final work, but our best effort so far with the time we have, as volunteers, been able to afford to the creation of it. It has been inspired by many sources including the Burning Man Principles, The Four Agreements, The Hummingbird CoCreator’s Handbook, Ojai Foundation, and our own inner guidance. Our desire to give back to the community has persuaded us to offer it as such so that others may be able to benefit from our efforts immediately, with the caveat that we are still learning, growing, and shaping, and new renditions will be forthcoming as our experience grows.

THIS PROTOCOL was officially adopted as of Sept 17, 2012.