TCN Newsletter Issue 12: April 2015


Featured Emergent Leaders:

Pam & Kim Andreasen

the dynamic sister duo of

Flutterby House


by Aokha

(Betsy Cacchione)

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Photo Credit: Aokha (Betsy Cacchione)

This incredibly friendly hostel draws you in and makes you feel right at home when exploring the breath-taking shores of Playa Uvita, Costa Rica. But this is more than just another hostel. Pam & Kim Andreasen and their team of eco-nauts are forging new ground in becoming as eco-friendly and zero-carbon as they can muster. They have taken conscious enterprise seriously and are walking their talk in a big way.

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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House


Here are some of the ways they have worked hard to make Flutterby House more than just a fun and relaxing and friendly place to vacation…

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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House

“We at the Flutterby House have built all our open-air dorms, treehouses, and private cabinas using raw materials harvested within 30 miles of the property, and have constructed everything with harmony and sustainability in mind: All roofs are positioned so that the fresh ocean breezes naturally ventilate the rooms, and skylights are built into all roof structures to allow sunlight in, thereby reducing the need for electric lightbulbs.

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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House

We have retained as many of the existing mango trees as possible, which give us all abundant shade and homes for wildlife such as tropical birds and Howler monkeys. The Flutterby House uses a biodigester that recycles waste from the toilets, and so does not pollute the groundwater or the nearby mangroves. The water from our washing machines is filtered into a greywater pond and then put back into the environment, and we use biodegradable soaps, so no plants or animals are adversely affected by our presence. We provide compost buckets in the large and well-stocked chef’s kitchen for all guests, and then use the soil the food scraps and mango leaves create to grow fruits and veggies on the property. We also have chickens that provide pest control and reduce the amount of food scraps in the compost bin, quickening the process.”



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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House


Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House

Besides all the great strides they are making in becoming completely sustainable, self-sufficient, and even bioremedial – they also do a fantastic job creating a relaxing and satisfyingly blended atmosphere of effervescence and languor. Surrounded by the potentials of incredible adventures, you can take 2 steps out the door to be plunged into all kinds of activities from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world to horseback riding, mangrove kayaking and rappelling down waterfalls, or you can linger in the beauty of your own backyard, hidden away in the jungle amidst the flora and fauna of pura vida.

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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House

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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House

And it does feel like your own back yard. The people are friendly and bend over backwards without pause to help you follow your every whimsy. After 10 days with new friends I was sad to leave and looking forward to my next visit. Pam or Kim are always around lending a hand, chatting with friends, locals, visitors, busy in the middle of all of the bustling activity that hums through the common area. Besides all of the binders filed with possible activities to indulge in, the counter boasts a whole notebook dedicated to all the plans they have for becoming as green as possible and diminishing their footprint as much as they can in their jungle paradise. Work Away folks fill in the gaps for part time help so besides coming to stay, which is heavenly in itself, there are other options to come get a foot in the door, and see what opportunities await you in becoming part of the extended family of Flutterby House!


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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House




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Reprinted with permission from Flutterby House


Featured Emerging Leaders:

Pam & Kim Andreasen                                                                    


Phone: 506-2743-8221


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