Project Nuevo Mundo

has become:


Calling ALL Impact Centers!


Project Nuevo Mundo is now NuMundo (pronounced New-Moon-Doe)!! We changed our name and now you can easily pronounce and remember our eco-tech web platform! We are launching our eco-travel website of educational sustainability schools, permaculture farms, ecovillages, and retreat centers (we call them impact centers) very soon. Keep your eyes and ears out for our launch so you can start planning your educational, sustainability-focused travel experience!

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NuMundo is ready to receive submissions from ecovillages, permaculture education centers, yoga retreats and more! By the end of the month we will be launching a searchable (by interest) database. The platform will help your Impact Center find more volunteers, promote your work and eventually book courses and retreats right though our website!


Please help us make these centers more transparent and easily accessible to find by SHARING this with your network!

See if your center fits our basic qualifications:

calling all impact centers

Project Nuevo Mundo started as a seed 2 years ago when 4 passionate nomads bound together to create a platform that would be a transparent and trusted resource for travelers all over the world to find more enriching ways to travel, work, live and learn! Now, we’ve grown into a flower with a NEW NAME!

We’re hoping that all of the buzzing pollinator bees throughout the world will join the movement and help us to continue spreading seeds of knowledge about demonstration centers who are creating the NuMundo!!