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What people are saying about Shea Freedom….

“In what lead singer and guitarist Shea Freedom is calling “folk-hop,”… Freedom layers fast-paced rhymes and sung choruses over a folky base of acoustic instrumentation.”

~Aspen Times ’14

“Freedom has long written poetry in private, using it as an emotional outlet, and channeled some of her work into lyrics for her songs. But she shied away from performing spoken word in public until February, when Newsom and Lemon Anderson — the HBO “Def Poetry” regular and Tony Award-winning performer — invited her to perform during a poetry night starring Anderson at the Crystal Theatre in Carbondale.”

~Post Independent ’14

In the words of Shea Freedom….

“In the darkness is where you’ll find me
Daring to carry the light for those in need…
Who am I to limit the powers of the universe
We only get one life no time to rehearse
Blessings come when releasing hurt
So go ahead and release your hurt.
Because we are all start dust return to dirt
We are all star dust return to Earth “

Lyrics from “Trust The Light” by Shea Freedom

The Project Shea Freedom believes in….


Inside Shea’s Head:


Have you always been a musician/lyricist? Or is it a recent discovery?

SF: I have been writing poetry since I was a young child using it as an escape. After I accidentally discovered Ani DiFranco’s music I was motivated to put my poetry in motion.


Where do you get your inspiration?

SF: I get my inspiration from my pain, the injustice of the world, the beauty of people still fighting the good fight for the light.  Inspiration comes from the joyfulness of children, the peace of horse medicine.


What is the most pivotal moment in your life that you would like to share?

SF: In 2012 I had a dream of my mother, strange as I rarely dream. We were walking around “the ranch” Canyon Acres a group home I was placed in and she said “hey check this out”. As soon as she spoke those words I woke up without any of the wake up fog. Angry I couldn’t get to sleep my roommate was urging me to chill out and I simply said “fine I’ll chill just give me my guitar” and boom I could sing, truth be told I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. That was when tides started to turn.


What would you do differently, given hindsight?

SF: I would make a bunch of money first and then invest in my music career because I’m learning how much of a money game making music really is.


What advice would you give to others?

SF: Chase your dream, set goals.


Are you happy/satisfied? If so, why? (Describe what vision of your life is bringing you this feeling). If not, what outcome do you think would make you feel so?

SF: All my wildest dreams have come true this past year yet I am still unhappy, for me living is being on stage the rest is simply waiting… I figure I’ll be happy when I’m able to eat & play on a steady basis.