TCN Newsletter Issue 15: July 2015

Village Infrastructure Guild Article:

Natural Building Movement Builds Momentum: is building a more connected future 

by Taylor Proffitt

Natural building is a growing phenomenon around the world that eco-activists and environmentally minded architects have used to bring affordable and responsible living structures into their own lives and the lives of others. Between cob building, straw bale structures, adobe, bamboo, thatching, tire walls, and countless other natural building techniques, some truly amazing structures have been constructed using all natural mateirals. Between the desire for sustainable livelihood, economic independence and climate awareness, natural building has entered the lives of thousands, and it’s making a difference. A huge movement toward accessibility of natural building education and hands on projects is a web platform called  (pronounced the push). The two founders I’ve met in the last six months from, Michael Beck and Eric Puro, have explained to me the purpose for starting this revolutionary web platform that lists natural building project opportunities for people interested in learning these techniques by getting their hands dirty.

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 started in Oregon when thePOOSH crew abandoned their homes and began to live in the woods near a glacier river where they grew food at their camp. They abandoned their home for the summer, living completely immersed in nature, while still maintaining their daytime jobs. The next summer, they started living on a 100 acre property outside Salem that they found on craigslist, the owners of which allowed them to build a home from all natural materials and start a small farm. Three months later, their home (based on earthship and cob design) was complete and they had a handmade home to live in through the winter. Here is an image of the home they built:

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Not much longer after finding this land opportunity on craigslist, thePOOSH’s founders realized a market gap. They dreamed up a platform where people with land projects incorporating natural building could post an opportunity that volunteers looking to start or further their education in natural building could learn and lend a helping hand. 5 years later, ThePOOSH has hundreds of projects on their site where you can go online and find a project near you today! I invite you to make a profile on this really cool platform and search for a natural building educational opportunity near you, or post your educational opportunity if you need POOSHers (natural building volunteers)!

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ThePOOSH team just bought a sizable property in Kentucky, where they are beginning construction on their all natural homes and natural building school! Stay tuned for updates on this exciting movement forward.

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