Ambassadors/Guardians Ring


core admin ring


These are our Brand Ambassadors & Guardians of the Vision.



There can be any amount of these so long as all the pre-reqs are fulfilled.



This is a “case by case basis” time & energetic commitment. As much or as little as you have time for.


Pre-Reqs: Application Process, Resonant Yes with Current Council, Completion of Full Ambassador Training Process to the satisfaction of the Admin Core. Part of this process may be waived for certain parties whose participation has been long standing and whose demonstrated skills and embodiment of TCN values, vision and mission make their status clear.


Roles & Responsibilities:

Occasional speaking engagements or facilitation at events on behalf of TCN.

Potential Regional Event Production/Direction in collaboration with Alliance Partners on behalf of TCN.  

Voluntary participation in the Visioning Council of Advisors consulted for strategic decision-making.

Meeting attendance specific to projects engaged.



If you are interested in engaging in the Ambassador / Guardian Ring.