Core Admin Ring


core admin ring


Currently Held by: Aokha, Raquel, Jai Ma



Potentially held by 5 core members

At least 3 long term for continuity (several years at a time), and 2 who potentially rotate through for 6 month (or other amount) tenures.



Weekly Calls & Check Ins & Extensive Independent Work to Prepare for these calls.

This is a large time & energetic commitment.

Pre-Reqs: Application Process, Resonant Yes with Current Council, Completion of Full Resonant Intern Process including BluePrint of We, Time Spent on Council Calls, etc


Roles & Responsibilities:

Make decisions about the wellness of TCN based on Core Values, Mission/Vision

Maintain Administrative functions of TCN: website, newsletter, banking, govt filings

Ambassador the TCN brand through individual networks and projects in alignment with our Values/Vision/Mission

Set the timeline for events

Determine Projects that TCN engages

Core Foundation of Creating container for TCN official events

Long Term Development of TCN legacy projects / strategic planning

Project Directors of all TCN engagements



If you are interested in engaging in the Core Admin Ring.