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Greetings TCN Family!

We want our newsletter to be a synergistic collaboration showcasing all the gifts and expertise shining so brightly in our community! We are going to be taking submissions for 2 different types of articles in this newsletter: Guild Topics & Featured Emergent LeadersWe will also be accepting submissions of Creative Content (art, drawings, paintings, photographs, poems, and short videos), Community News, Community Calls to Action, and Opportunities for the Community Corner.


All submissions should be original work created by yourself unencumbered by any copyright restrictions.


Guild Topics

Write/Submit an informative, inspirational, or thought-provoking original article that aligns with our vision, mission, and values as the TCN community, which would be helpful, interesting or inspiring to readers from within one or more of the Guilds we have already identified.


Featured Emergent Leaders

Write/Submit an article that showcases yourself or someone else in the community that is doing something amazing – some project or accomplishment – that is both in alignment and in service to the collective mission of the TCN movement. The more we all know about what pieces each of us hold, the quicker this puzzle gets solved. 


Inspirational Moment

Submit a piece of art (photo, drawing, painting, short video…) or a poem/prose to be included in the Inspirational Moment section.


Community News

Submit a short blurb (3-4 sentences) with optional links to longer articles, sharing pertinent recent news the community would want to know about.


Community Call to Action

Submit a short blurb (3-4 sentences) with optional links to longer articles, sharing a suggested action to be taken challenging the community to do something that is in alignment with our vision and values. Include separately from the blurb a brief bullet point list of 3-5 very specific steps to accomplish this action. It should be something which they can complete in a few minutes by following those steps.

Community Corner Opportunities

This Feature provides a listing of Land-Based Intentional Communities, Impact Centers, Eco-Villages, or Educational Centers that provide Volunteer / Internship Opportunities, Event Hosting, Educational Opportunities, or Communities who are accepting new members. Submit all content required in the submission form.




For All Articles:

  • Include name of author as you would like to be credited
  • Include email address of author of the article and any pertinent/personal web links
  • Three to five paragraphs (300-500 words) is the ideal length for this venue, but articles of 1-3 pages will be considered.
  • We need to be able to cut and paste your article into our templates, so you can either include your article as a link to a google doc which has been set so “anyone with the link can edit” or some other similar method of transmission.
  • Longer articles could be referenced by links.
  • Include a head shot image file of the author so we can show our community who they are reading.
  • A pertinent illustrative photo or video link to go with your article is also encouraged. This should also be your own work.
  • Please do not send us material that has copyright restrictions
  • If you are writing about someone else’s work the writing must be your own words about this subject, with links to the original content.
  • All materials received will go into a pool of potential content.
  • If your article does not get chosen for the issue you submit, that does not mean it will not be used eventually.

Guild Article Specifics:

  • Identify the Guild (or Guilds) which you feel your article’s primary audience is likely to be.
  • Challenges to continue the discussion within the FB guild group (or between multiple guild groups) are encouraged.
  • Example of Guild Content: someone from Science Guild might share a new piece of sustainable technology they have learned about; someone from the Relations Guild might share some ideas about conscious parenting


Feature Article Specifics:

  • Include a photo of the person/project being highlighted. 
  • Identify the name of the person or project being featured if not the same as the author
  • Indicate in what way you feel the featured person or project is in service to furthering the TCN mission.

Creative Art Submission Specifics:
  • Include a link to a high resolution image file of your art/photo etc or link to google doc(etc) for your longer poem
  • Include a head shot image file of the artist
Event Submission Specifics: LINK




  • Your work remains your own and you are able to also use your material elsewhere as you choose
  • By offering a submission you agree to give us permission at our discretion to use the material in the newsletter, (or as decorative material on the website), to make minor edits (for articles), and to reproduce it on the website, in various online venues (like Facebook groups) or in other promotional materials.
  • You will always be credited



Our current submission deadline is July 21. All material received goes into a pool and will be considered for future issues if you miss this deadline. Posting on our website has no deadline. Materials will be processed as they are received and may be posted on the website prior to next newsletter release date.




We will choose our Guild Topic based on whatever submissions we receive, but we may offer “Suggested Topics” to get the creative juices flowing. We will always welcome submissions on other topics as well.









We hope you will overwhelm us with content and keep it rolling in. We can’t wait to read and share your thoughts, your knowledge, your dreams! And if any of you are excited about working on collecting content and laying out the newsletter we are always looking for more inspired collaborators! Contact us and mention you are interested in the Newsletter Team! We look forward to collaborating with you!


with gratitude and enthusiasm,                                                                                      

Aokha , TCN Communications Team Lead




the TCN Newsletter Team