Greetings TCN family!

Here is your opportunity to share with your community some of the aligned events that you are producing or other events that you are excited about and feel the community would appreciate. Please be sure that any material you send us is your own. Do not upload any material that is copyrighted by someone other than you.

There are 5 types of events we might showcase as part of our commitment to sharing knowledge, training and experiences which are in alignment with our mission, vision, and values:


TCN Produced Events: These are events, gatherings, trainings, solution sessions that TCN is putting on.

TCN Community Regional & Guild Events: These are aligned events offered by TCN guild or regional groups.

TCN Ally or Sponsor Events: These are aligned events offered by our Sponsors and Allies.

Independent Events Aligned with TCN (Produced by TCN Community Member): These are independent aligned events organized or produced by TCN community members.

Independent Events Aligned with but unrelated to TCN: These are aligned events unrelated to TCN which are collected by the  TCN Alliance/Networking Team and others, and which they feel would be of interest to the TCN community.


Website Event Postings are added continuously and may be submitted at any time. If you hope to be in time for the Heart Pulse Newsletter, which gives it a little more reach, then try to have your event submissions in by the 25th of each month.