Understanding Our Vision and Mission

of Embodied Living Practice


(How we Aim to Embody All that we hold Core in What we do.) 

In using this underlying principle to determine how we would like to show up in the world, we recognize that harmony results from the cultivation of symbiotic relationships between us and every other part of us. This understanding has precedence in every part of the world, and is referred to in many ways by many peoples: Ubuntu, Ahimsa, Atman, Malama Pono, Agape, Anima Mundi, The Golden Rule.


For some, this understanding seems so simple it just makes sense. One would not cut out one’s eye because it saw something one didn’t like. One would thank it for doing it’s job, and determine how to act next with integrity based on the results of the information received. We are able to easily comprehend how the parts of the body form a larger organism which we can claim identity with, and how the parts of a community form a larger organism which we can claim identity with. It takes only a willingness to view things from a slightly larger scale to begin to see the essential interrelationships between peoples, groups, and biomes as integral parts of larger, and much more complicated systems, which take years of study to understand exactly how each part is related to and affects each of us.


The elegance and mystery seen in the patterns of self organizing systems that emerge in nature at every scale, from the subatomic to the universal, offer a poetic reflection of this concept of an interconnected whole which acts as a siren call even to scientists who seek and yearn for a unified theory of everything to weave it all together. This vision of an interdependent universal whole represents the convergence of ancient wisdoms and modern scientific explorations, and we perceive the true understanding of this vision to be the motivation required for individuals to choose to be proactive in the recreation of the world we inhabit through a significant paradigm shift away from the current ideologies and practices of isolationism and separatism and towards renewed patterns of community, collaboration, mutual consideration and concern.


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