Born in Tokyo, Japan, Michael Tam Wood, now Michael Ravenwood, moved to the Philippines and Singapore before coming  to live in California.  He began training in the martial arts at the age of ten and, after graduating cum laude with a degree in psychology, has since become a professional model, actor, circus performer, and business owner. His personal studies include natural medicine, quantum physics, cultural anthropology, comparative mythology and spirituality.  Michael was one of the original co-founding members of the TCN Core Council. He sat as co-council for the outreach and community leadership seat for TCN and has also been co-lead for the Los Angeles Branch of Tribal Convergence Network. His role was to support and activate community leadership and to create templates for seeding the TCN vision with other communities. He devoted tireless hours to practicing the art of council in our grand social experiment, and helping to develop some of the core organizing documents that we use today to help shape our agreement fields. He is founder of Skyfire Arts (