TCN Ambassador Training at Our Sacred Acres



The inaugural TCN Ambassador Training Program was held May 2-3 at Our Sacred Acres, 30 minutes north of Seattle, WA. The purpose of this introductory session was to initiate people into the first of ever deepening levels in the ways and practices of our tribal family and to offer a cohesive starting point for expanded community collaboration skills. Come add new tools to your utility belt and experience hands-on how to cooperatively engage with this network of people, places, and projects! TCN trainers Jamaica Stevens and Danielle Gennety will be co-facilitating the workshop, along with other TCN members.

What this is:
This level is an introductory initiation which explains the core values, the kin code, our basic mission, vision and purpose. You’ll also learn about the set of collaborative practices employed by our councils and teams, and explore the components of a TCN styled gathering. This will be an opportunity to participate in a cohesive circle with your kin and to cultivate your own genius gifts within the movement.


May 2   Evening arrival for visioning and dream-in.
May 3  10am-2pm Ambassadorship Initiate-in.   Noon-1 Nourishments.
What you can do after the training:

You will receive materials and be able to deliver a presentation explaining TCN to your own community, and at aligned events. You will also be invited to collaborate on upcoming events and projects within the network.

Who should take this training:
This training will be a pre-requisite for participation in all levels of collaboration in the TCN project / movement so that we may all begin to collaborate from an even playing field with clarity around our conjoined mission, purpose, values and methods. All Core Team Members, Council Members, Project Managers, Regional / Guild Leaders, Volunteers, Event Producers & Guardians will be asked to take this first level initiation course so that we may co-create consciously, with clarity, continuity, and integrity. If you already participate in this way or if you would like to do so in the future, then this would be a good course for you! Anyone else is invited to take this training if you feel as though you would like to be able to initiate members of your own community or participate in other aspects of TCN leadership,  ambassadorship, or community development.

Questions & Registration
If you have questions or are interested in staying overnight or participating in some of the other events happening on the property that weekend, be sure to email Danielle at [email protected] with “Ambassador Training” in the subject line to receive specific details as there is a full weekend event occurring around the training and other opportunities for engagement.  Space is limited to 23 attendees so reply early to participate in this inaugural training! Children are welcome, but should be discussed first with Danielle to make sure all relevant issues are accounted for and so that the child to adult ratio does not become too overwhelming.









dani in guataDanielle Dani(B)elle Gennety 

is the land steward of Our Sacred Acres  in Snohomish, Cascadia, and the Founder of Mercury’s Outpost:  a free agent collective converging transformational networks such as DreamDance Seattle, Women of Wisdom Council, Evolver Puget Sound, Project Nuevo Mundo, and Tribal Convergence Network. She is a project therapist, giveaway goddess, council woman and team facilitator holding space for infinite possibility, unconditional love and harmonious exchange to unfold; weaving her wild magic into spirited gatherings while chronicling her experiences as The Office Mystic.




Jamaica “Jai Ma” Stevens 
is the Founder of the Tribal Convergence Gatherings, Co-Founder of the Tribal Convergence Network, and Executive Producer of Awaken Visionary Leadership Summit.  As a mother, a healer, an artist, a community organizer, event producer, social networker, inspired speaker, organizational systems consultant, and an earth guardian, she is devoted to the path of authentic BEing, Visionary Action, and living in Right Relations as a member of the One Human Family, Re-Inhabiting our Global Village.