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In any organization, group, or collaborative team it is important to identify the values shared by members in that group – that which they have in common which makes them a group as opposed to just a number of individuals standing near each other – so that the underlying field of resonance may be clear and allow for easeful forward motion and combined purpose. Those Core Values can be extremely useful in determining purpose and direction yet can be somewhat lofty and esoteric for every day utility. We found it extremely helpful for true community coherence to create a set of tangible guidelines for how we could actually try to walk our talk by describing our agreements in a Code of Kin. This is the most current rendition of this distillation for Tribal Convergence Network. Feel free to share as is or use it to develop your own customized version that fits the needs of your community.


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TCN Kin Code


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Our Sources

Although there was no direct content taken from any of the following sources, yet the ideas, values, and ideals of many of these organizations and authors were imbibed, discussed, and often assimilated as healthy ways of being in relation with one another and in community. We honor those ideas as the sparks which brought us to compile this document for ourselves and wish to have their efforts and ideas not go un-noted in relation to our work. Many thanks to these great thinkers, organizers and compassionate hearts for holding a light in the darkness and leading the way!

the Burning Man Principles

The Four Agreements

The Hummingbird Co-Creator’s Handbook

Ojai Foundation

The Fifth Sacred Thing by StarHawk