TCN Templates


We are posting here links to PDF versions of several of our social permaculture and community development documents as so many of the communities and groups that we work with have asked for a copy that they might use it as a template for creating their own documents for their own communities. We have spent long hours working on these documents trying to hone in on best practices for the creation of healthy generative collaborative communities. 


Creative Commons Licensing: How to Use These Materials

The creation of these documents was a gift to the world and we offer them here with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 InterNational License. This means that you may download a copy and you may use, reproduce, and evolve these in any way you like including commercial uses, so long as you give credit and license your new versions the same way so that the info we are gifting to the world does not get caught up in someone else’s restrictive licensing. Please read here to learn more about the specifics of this type of license so you may learn how to license your own derivation properly. It’s free, easy, and keeps us all in an open source and ethical collaborative space!

If you are only planning to reproduce these materials to share with your group or team without any changes, we ask that you simply leave our branding on them. This is the best way to credit our work. Please also make sure that anyone you share these materials with is made aware of the CC-BY-SA License so that they might also use the materials in a good way.

If you are building upon this material to create something new, we ask that you follow the associated guidelines for each document (found via the links below) to learn how to attribute properly. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.


Templates Available

TCN Core Values Template

TCN Kin Code Template

TCN Regional Manual Template

TCN Guild Wheel Template

Living Documents

Please understand that these are “Living Documents” in an evolving process and by no means to be considered finished or final work, but our best efforts so far with the time we have, as volunteers, been able to afford to the creation of them. They have been inspired by many sources noted via the links above, as well as by our own inner guidance. Our desire to give back to the community has persuaded us to offer these here as such, so that others may be able to benefit from our efforts immediately, with the caveat that we are still learning, growing, and shaping, and new renditions will be forthcoming as our experience grows.