TCN Website Upgrade and Facelift!


We are happy to announce our website has evolved into a new shape and form and has some lovely new features available for you to explore! There is a lot available and this “tutorial” will help explain where to find some of the new features and what they might be used for. We really hope you will take advantage of all the resources we are trying to make available for the community. Keep checking back here as more upgrades and additional tools are forthcoming. This is just a taste of what we have been working on. There are SO many ways to engage. Please jump in and play with us!

A special THANK YOU to Josh Davis for helping bring this new look and feel to fruition!!!


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.41.34 PM





Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 3.20.39 PMAre you on our mailing list? We send out important news via our newsletter and this is a good way to stay abreast of upcoming events and opportunities. If you are not already receiving our newsletter and you would like to be, go to CONNECT & click on SUBSCRIBE (or just click on the link above). This will get you signed up to receive the next one.

It is also important to make sure that our addresses: [email protected][email protected] are in your contact list in your email account. Otherwise, our newsletter may end up in your junk mail and go unnoticed 🙂



 Under ABOUT you will see OUR EVOLVING STRUCTURE. This now has our current organizational structure described and outlines all of the varied opportunities for engagement within our TCN Structural Rings. Here you can see all the ways there are to play and find a match for your passions and time availability.






Under OFFERINGS you will see EVENTS. There are 2 important features under this tab. UPCOMING TCN EVENTS will let you know of any events that TCN the organization will be producing and ALIGNED EVENTS WE’RE EXCITED ABOUT is our public event listing that encompasses events produced by community members and allies as well as just awesome events that are in alignment that we think you might want to know about! PLEASE take advantage of this resource. Browse here AND in our TCN COMMUNITY CALENDAR for events that might interest you and by all means – SUBMIT an event or workshop if you are producing one. We are happy to help our community know what you are up to!!







Under OFFERINGS you will also see COMMUNITY CORNER. It also has a redundant link under COMMUNITY. This feature provides a listing of Land-Based Intentional Communities, Impact Centers, Eco-Villages, or Educational Centers that we are aware of who provide some of the following opportunities: 
Volunteer / Internship OpportunitiesEvent HostingEducational Opportunities, & Communities Accepting New Members. Please USE this resource to community source your needs! If you are looking to hold an event – look here to find community member with land to host you. If you are a community member who hosts events, list yourself here so others can find you. If you want to find an internship to learn permaculture techniques, look here to find an impact center with an Internship opportunity and if you are an Impact center with an opportunity or a need – please list them here so our community can find you! 




Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.37.41 PMUnder COMMUNITY you will see ALLIANCES and under that you will see ALLIES. It is through our networking, relations and alliance building that we weave our web tighter and ever stronger! Please browse through to see all of the potent organizations and businesses we have made alliances with. If you are an aligned business or organization and you would like to be an Ally, check out our ally agreement and contact us. In this way we offer a show of strength in shared values and purpose, gain solidarity, and you may learn about new friends and potential collaborators you may not have met yet!






Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.53.17 PMUnder COMMUNITY you will see REGIONAL GROUPS. This will lead you to a listing of all the Facebook groups we facilitate or are aware of for like minded tribe.  Here are the places where our tribe interact.  If you feel this could be your family, your people, your like minded team of action…. join in the conversation.  Get to know some of the folks in your region and learn more about the core values of TCN and the kin code we have agreed to use as guidance in our efforts to play well together.  Attend community potlucks and workshops and play dates!  This is not intended to be a virtual experience.  Let’s use the technology to build our community bonds and our knowledge base.






Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.53.33 PMUnder COMMUNITY you will see TCN GUILD GROUPS.  Here are the links to our current Facebook guild collaboration spaces intended for individuals to work together on mutually beneficial projects and endeavors within the community. Talk to your fellow experts and interested parties. See what your needs are in your field of expertise. Work together as a group to create templates and tools and resources specific to your “Guild” or field of study. For example. if you are a wellness practitioner, you could go to the Wellness Guild and seek out Daniel Levin, founder of Healer Source, and see how you can work on this project which provides valuable resources and templates to wellness practitioners to help their businesses, like scheduling tools and intake forms, as well as providing a holistic healers directory with free listings. These types of resources could be created in any guild so that the whole guild may thrive!






This is a listing of personal projects, organizations, businesses and offerings contributed by our community members so that they might be shared with other members of the community. Another GREAT way to community source your needs and help build a thriving local economy and community. Browse the FULL LISTING or search by Guild Category for things that interest you or specific needs you have. SUBMIT your business or project so that your community may find you!







Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.18.37 PMUnder GALLERY you will find ARTISTS SHOWCASE. We love to be able to share and promote our exceptional community members. Here is the space where our artists are featured! Please browse through and see what beautiful creations your fellow community members are bringing to life. If you are an artist, please SUBMIT your art to have your art considered to be part of this showcase!




Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.47.23 PMUnder NEWS! you will find many valuable resources. Explore TCN NEWS BULLETIN to see any important news about TCN the organization. In FEATURED COMMUNITY NEWS you will see listings of important news flashes from community members and allies. Click on SPONSOR TCN NEWSLETTER to help support our efforts at providing this service to the community and let the community see your name / face / logo associated with your devotion, passions, and our aligned mission! Click on SUBMIT CONTENT / EVENTS to get your events and workshops listed in our event listing, share important news with us, or submit an article on a guild topic, or an article featuring an emerging leader in the community. We LOVE receiving submissions from the community. We WANT to publish your articles! Help us make this a collaborative endeavor and share your words and your work with the community. Click on TCN NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE to peruse past newsletters or an archive of all past Guild Articles and Featured Emerging Leader Articles.