Expanded Vision & Mission

We hold as our Vision

that this understanding of ourselves, as participants in a greater interconnected whole and the subsequently required attitude of Compassion towards All, when communicated to others may serve as a spark by which individuals, ethnicities, and nations may then evolve into a sustainable and generative global culture which embodies universal respect, cooperation, and mutual benefit, living in harmony, peace, and abundance.

Our Mission

is to serve as a beacon connecting people everywhere to information, resources, and education which communicate this understanding of the inherent interdependence of us all, and offering tools, trainings, and templates for how to begin to embody this understanding in their everyday lives, in order to empower them to be the change they hope to see in the world.

As an Entity

we are a synergistic web of social architects aligning with like-minded individuals and organizations to co-create, share, and be living models of these new ways of living. Through the offering of resource-sharing tools and inspiring community-building events, the inspiration and support of regional and guild leadership councils, and the building of values-based alliance partnerships we are in service to educating and empowering communities to live in right relation with the earth and our global human family so that our vision may become the reality we inhabit.