Sara and Theo are looking for a couple to LONG TERM Rent • Caretake the Golden Bee located in GUANAJUATO, MEXICO. If you know Guanajuato, the Golden Bee is located above Dos Rios and under Mellado on the upper side of the Panoramica. 

Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico.

Sara and Theo are looking for a couple (not more than 2 people) for 8 months + or – starting March or April 2014 and on. Rent is $365.00 a month US $ but paid in Pesos. This includes all utilities (water, gas, power) and WI-FI. 

The space that is available for the renter is the 3rd floor studio apartment. This apartment is really sweet and has a large brick dome ceiling with a glass cupula. It has a Queen Bed, a walk in shower with a bench and separate WC with modern plumbing. A small pantry with a microwave, a 4 burner stove, and an under the counter refrigerator. The Water in the kitchen sink has a filtered water tap for easy and safe drinking water. This apartment has an amazing view of Guanajuato from two private terraces. See the photos below and visit the airbnb link. In exchange for the low rental price we would need the caretakers to:

1. Feed the 2 nice dogs (food is provided) Tullia Toolbox and Galaxy Hammer
2. To greet guests as they arrive to rent the rooms on the second floor. There are two rooms, each has two twin beds and a bathroom and they share a kitchen This space is great for a family and for couples traveling together.
3. To water the plants in pots conveniently located near a hose when it’s really hot.

There is shared laundry on the third floor. The second floor guests are asked for your permission to do laundry.

We are looking for a people who are friendly, clean, like dogs, and preferably bi-lingual in Spanish and English but not necessary. So far we have had more English speaking guests and this town is a great place to study Spanish and to meet interesting people. We have been renting out the Golden Bee using airbnb and flip key. There is a housekeeper in charge of cleaning the rooms as they are rented. So the only housekeeping that is important for you as a “caretaker” is that of the entrance, stairwell and beauty of the space. Just over all checking in to make sure it looks tidy. There is no garden as of yet so it’s an easy place to upkeep.

The Golden Bee is right on the bus line so it is easy to get places and walking down into center takes 20 minutes. The neighbors are nice and the dogs have a gated area to run in. If you have a dog we are ok to share the dog area with you—its huge. The dogs are NOT allowed off the property. If you have a car there is parking down the block in a secured gated yard with a 24 hour guard. I believe that it is 100 PS a week ( about $8.00).  

Sara’s mom live just a few miles away if there is a problem or the dogs need more food or you just want a great person to have tea with!!!!!!

If you are interested please email Sara at:  [email protected]. And please check out the photos attached.

Golden Bee Panoramantica