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A Guild is a group of community members whose focus is on a particular sector of engagement in society, aligning their resources to support the vitality, impact, and success of all members of the Guild as they offer the gift of their purpose as part of a holistic community. This sector is their area of expertise or the field of their greatest passions and their choice to participate in this collective Guild interaction can elevate their own individual efforts as well as creating a synergistic elevation of the entire guild. We utilize the Guild Model to help people sort themselves into functional teams by which effective action can occur. We are continually evolving our structural models to better fit the emergence of each new season. This is the most current rendition of this distillation for Tribal Convergence Network. Feel free to share as is or use it to develop your own customized version that fits the needs of your community. Please see below for an explanation of our sources, proper use and crediting and the deeper meaning behind these graphic elements. More about the GUILD MODEL.


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Our Sources

Our Guild Wheel was evolved with gracious permission from Barbara Marx Hubbard inspired by the original concept of the 12 Pillars of the Wheel of Co-Creation derived by Ms Hubbard and other evolutionary thinkers. This “12 around 1” model was a visual representation of a social application of the concept of “tensegrity” (a model of stability in nature) originally pioneered by Buckminster Fuller.  Our collaborative team at Tribal Convergence Network brainstormed and re-shaped this source with emergent language and color schemes to fit the ideas arising from within our community so as to create a tool that would help us focus our efforts to accomplish good works in the world. Much gratitude is owed to Jamaica Stevens, Aokha (Betsy Cacchione), Jaymo (James) Barnard, Priya Mohan, & Davin Infinity for their efforts at re-visioning the language into formats that fit our ideals.  Deepest thanks to Adam Apollo who derived our version of the color scheme and the relationship between the different Pillars. And deep gratitude to Ms Kelli “Rua” Klein for her dedicated work on the graphic layout and design. 

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