Kelli “Rua” Klein has been engaged with Jamaica and TCN since prior to its inception and has provided ongoing involvement. Kelli brings over 20 years of brand marketing business operations, project management, design and technology development to the TCN effort.  For 15 years, she held global and regional operations management positions at a Fortune 100 company. Experienced in small and large scale project management, software development, event production and community building, she offers a diverse, balanced and professional perspective.  Currently she owns her own business consulting firm ( specializing in visual documentation, operational assessments, technology strategy and change management. She is passionate about bridging creative and technical solutions to usher in a balanced, generative, and innovative world where we leverage collaborative technology to steward the land, sea, air, and creatures with whom we share this earth.  In 2012, Rua created and hosted the first TribeTalks at TCN Evo, providing a venue for event participants to share their efforts and visions, connecting shared projects that continue to be born out of the TCN community.  Rua is also a mixed media artist that creates interactive, community collaborative art.